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April 6, 2008


The matrix of legal, ethical, financial, and technological factors in conducting business have grown more complex but the fundamentals have changed very little. The purpose of this guide is to provide a basic outline of what you need to do to get your business off the ground. The emphasis of this guide is providing details of how the traditional business model interfaces with the Internet model. Even if your business if operational, it will help to review this material. It may help to point out areas of concern or reinforce some of the decisions and experiences you had when your business launched.

There are three types of people for whom this material is of value.
  • You are planning to start your first business
  • You have an existing business and are planning to expand in your existing business model or are starting a branch in a different model or market.
  • You had a business and are starting a new business or restarting the old business.
There are three spheres in which your business will operate.
  • You have or are planning a "brick and mortar"-only business.
  • You have or are planning a "virtual" or online-only business.
  • You have or are planning a hybrid of components 1 and 2.
This guide assumes that you already know what products and/or services your business will engage in. If you don't already know, I'd recommend extensive research into the types of services and products that are feasible for your business. It is also assumed that you have assessed the skill sets and manpower requirements to run your business or business expansion. Before we explore the basic fundamentals of getting your business venture launched, let's look at your market. This is when most business ideas are seriously evaluated for feasibility and the probability of success. This is probably the most critical area for analysis. Almost every decision after this point will be based to some degree on the market analysis done here.

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Karl Turner is a graduate of Illinois State University with B.S. degrees in Economics and Computer Science. Founder of Roderick Designs(1997), Karl has worked the past 10 years as a network and database administrator as well as webmaster, designer and developer.

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